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Smoke Alarms Biggera Waters


Ledger Electrical have a highly qualified team who specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of smoke alarms and fire safety systems. We provide our electrical services to domestic, commercial and strata properties across Biggera Waters & surrounding areas.

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INSTALL A PHOTOELECTRIC SMOKE ALARM | photoelectric Smoke alarms installed from just $220 + GST


At Ledger Electrical, we are passionate about providing smoke alarm services and smoke detector installations for all kinds of properties in Biggera Waters. A smoke alarm is a very basic yet essential safety feature for all homes.


In Biggera Waters, photoelectric smoke alarms have become mandatory to be installed in your home, workplace, and rental properties. We have around 13 years of proven track record in smoke alarm installations. Our certified and licensed professionals carry out the installation process and ensure that it works well, especially during emergencies.


Based on the requirements and building plan, smoke alarms are hard-wired and interconnected via cables, wireless smoke alarms, or a combination of the two. We install and integrate smoke alarms on every level of the home, including the kitchen, bedroom, basement, and patio to prevent surprise accidents that can occur to your family, home, or business in Biggera Waters.


Not only installation, but we also help you to choose a reliable smoke alarm to be installed in your homes or offices.


Smoke Detectors Biggera Waters 

Besides photoelectric smoke alarms, smoke detectors are connected to the fire alarm system control panel. Smoke detectors detect smoke and issue a signal to a fire alarm control panel, which sounds an alarm. While smoke alarms are used in residential settings, smoke detectors are generally used in industrial settings.


For installation of a smoke detector, turn to us. We can provide installation of commercial and industrial smoke detectors that can trigger the alarm quickly. Whether you need wired or wireless photoelectric smoke detectors, only our Biggera Waters licensed and trained electricians can carry out the installation process.

Benefits of having smoke detectors installed at your Smoke Alarms buildings:


Ensure that you test your smoke alarm and smoke detector regularly. Faulty fire alarms can be more dangerous and pose a serious threat to the safety of lives and property. Hire our smoke alarm respire specialists in Biggera Waters to assess the problem and offer the best repair service.


We have been handling photoelectric smoke alarms repairs for years and consider repairs as an absolute priority. Our technicians are equipped with skills to easily detect the fault in alarms and offer the required repair.


For the best smoke alarm installations and repairs in Biggera Waters, contact us.


Australia's Best Smoke Alarms

100% Australian owned and operated, Red Smoke Alarms make home safety a #1 priority by supplying you with a 10 year warranty across their entire range of smoke alarms.


As legislation currently requires all photoelectric smoke alarms to be replaced every 10 years Red have made sure your property will always be safe and compliant.

Great For Rental Properties

With the Smoke Alarm Controller, there is no need for the tenant to put up with the incredibly loud noise, no need to run around the house trying to find out which smoke alarm is causing the problem, no need to get on a ladder – the alarms can be silenced from the one wall mounted switch.


This will decrease maintenance calls to you (often in the middle of the night), lower stress for your tenants and lower costs for you as the owner. Tenants also won’t need to break a smoke alarm to stop it going off, saving replacement costs

Landlords & Property Managers -Smoke Alarm Legislation

You are responsible to check all smoke alarm systems at least three months before signing the new agreement. When occupants notify you a smoke alarm is not running, your smoke alarm must be replaced with a photo-electric alarm complied with AS3786-14.


Photoelectric smoke alarms are required unless the older alarm is replaced and it meets a new standard required for AS3786.14. When a smoke alarm is hardwired (240v) it needs replacement.

Home Owner. Occupants of the Property

Upon testing, If an older smoke alarm needs replacing, it should be replaced with a photoelectric smoke alarm as defined in AS 3786. Only licensed electricians will be able to change an electrical alarm that uses 240 V.


You must test your smoke alarm every three to four days. Cleaning typically involves removing dust and dirt from smoke alarms using soft brushes. Always check if your alarm has been cleaned.

Selling your property? Queensland Sellers Compliance Service

If you’re selling a property in Queensland after January 1, 2022, you must have smoke alarms installed. Keep in mind that if the seller fails to comply, the buyer is entitled to an adjustment at settlement equal to 0.15% of the purchase price.


At Ledger Electrical, we have over 13 years of experience dealing with smoke alarms and can ensure that your property is compliant with the latest regulations before sale. Contact us today

Need sellers smoke alarm compliance fast?

For those who need a fast turnaround, we provide an express service with a 2-day delivery in specific areas for an extra $199. 


With our sellers smoke alarm Compliance Service, we can help you guarantee that your house sells quickly and smoothly.

Wireless smoke alarms gold coast

These smoke alarms are battery-operated and can be installed in minutes without any wiring required.


We highly recommend wireless smoke alarms for properties that are difficult to access or have limited wiring space.

Wireless Smoke Alarm Controller Features

Book a FREE smoke alarm audit

Whether you need a smoke detection system for a new or existing building, our qualified technicians will recommend the best locations to install your new smoke alarm to be in compliance with QLD legislations and also for optimal detection. In the case of a fire emergency, your smoke alarm will be in the perfect position to immediately notify you of the danger.

smoke detector

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New Smoke Alarm Legislation

It is essential for anyone looking to sell or renovate their home or apartment in order to be notified of changes that will affect the smoke alarm system. This can really help people save their lives.


The smoke alarm of a younger age must be replaced using the photoelectric type (AS) 3786 and be tested and operated.


New homes that were recently sold or leased are now requiring the installation of photoelectric smoke detectors in all rooms, certain corridors or all floors. January 1, 2020 – All dwellings must be kept under maximum conditions.

Smoke alarms in all dwellings must:

Biggera Waters smoke alarm legislation to ensure compliance

Queensland landlords are now required to ensure a higher level of safety in their properties according to this timeline:


From January 1, 2017, all new builds must meet the requirements.


From January 1, 2022, all dwellings sold or leased and Government-owned housing must comply


By January 1, 2027, all domestic dwellings must comply, which includes homeowners.


Who can install smoke alarms QLD?

The 240V smoke alarm is connected to the power supply and requires an approved electrician.


Do smoke alarms need to be hard wired in Qld?


Starting January 1 2020. Currently, the residential and townhouse units need a photoelectric interconnected smoke alarm. Alarms should have an internal hardwired / non-removable rated 10 years battery powered.


Which smoke alarm is best Australia?


Red is Australia’s sole smoke alarm brand with an extensive warranty of 10 years from the start of its manufacture. The red fire alarm is photoelectric and is rated AS 3786 (2014).


How many smoke detectors do you need in a house in QLD?


Smoke alarm systems have to be installed in every building. a typical 3 Bedroom house would require approximately 4-5 Smoke alarms.


Why smoke alarms are important


How many people die in a residential fire in Queensland? Almost half the deaths occur in sleep-in conditions. When we sleep, our senses disappear. Adding smoke alarms gives you time to evacuate your family from the house if an explosion occurs.


Typically smoke alarm systems are built and connected through 240 volt cable, wireless smoke alarm or combination. Photoelectric smoke alarm systems detect smoking blazes much quicker than ionicized fire alarms.


Can you tell me about Smoke Alarm Placement?


The ceiling must always be covered by smoke alarm systems. Smoke alarms are not required at these locations: Within 300 mm of lighting fixtures. 300 mm corner of ceiling or wall.


Approximately 600mm ceiling fan. within 400m of the ventilation vents. The smoke detector must have its height above 500mm.


What are photoelectric smoke alarms?


Photovoltaic smoke alarms were introduced in 2001 to replace ionised smoke alarms with ionised types. It detects visible smoke and gives the user a faster and reliable response to smoke so that everyone is alerted to the potential fire and has more time to escape.


How do i test my smoke alarm?


To test your smoke alarm, gently press the test button and hold for 3 seconds. If it’s working properly, you’ll hear a loud beeping noise. If it doesn’t beep, it’s time to replace the battery or the whole alarm. Smoke detectors should also be tested regularly to make sure they’re still in working condition.


How do i stop smoke alarms from beeping?


If your smoke alarm is beeping, it likely means that the battery needs to be replaced. To stop the alarm from beeping, replace the battery as soon as possible. If you’re unable to replace the battery yourself, contact a professional for assistance.


What if my smoke alarm keeps beeping?


You must first identify which alarm caused the failure. When you have interconnected smoke alarms, this might be tough. A red LED will normally flash on one of the alarms while the smoke alarms are ringing out. Look for a smoke alarm with a flashing led light if the smoke alarms aren’t sounding anymore.


The LED will flash every few seconds. Vacuum the alarms clean with the brush attachment. If you have any other questions about how to stop your smoke alarm from beeping, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Do your smoke alarm installations include Certificate of Compliance reports?


Yes they do!