Gold Coast Switchboard Upgrades

Do you need to upgrade your switchboard or meter box?

Our team are fully licensed and experienced electricians who are able to perform repairs and a switchboard upgrades throughout the Gold Coast area.


Our electrical services range from meter upgrades, switchboard upgrades and RCD upgrades all the way to safety switch installations, smart meters and more.



Most people don’t know that their switchboard upgrade often requires the services of highly qualified electrician, which is why it’s so important that you work with a trusted & qualified company that will do the job properly.


The last thing you want is to be left with a dangerous switchboard, or issues with electrical connections throughout your property caused by inexperienced electricians.

How do switchboards work?

Your switchboard is like the brains of your entire home electrical system. Power comes into your switchboard and then is safely distributed throughout your home.


For this reason, switchboards are also a massive part of your electrical safety, so it is imperative that you ensure your meter boxes, safety switches and switchboard are maintained and up to date with the latest safety protocols.


Electromechanical safety switches, or RCDS, provide protection against electrical shock. The device detects electrical leakages and immediately shuts off the electrical circuit.


The difference is in circuit breakers, which shut down when triggered. Safety switch protection is not only necessary for homeowners but also for tenants, visitors and tradesmen performing their maintenance.


This includes switchboard upgrades, maintenance, safety auditing and more.

Meter Boxes

This includes upgrades, changeovers, smart meters, supplied & installed.

Safety Switches

This includes upgrades, auditing, switch protection, installations & more.

Get your switchboard inspected today.

Request a quote or ask about our free audits and have one of our friendly electricians inspect your switchboard on a day that suits you. Our safety inspections cover all facets of your switchboard, such as:

“Scott was totally professional, turned up on time and gave great saftey advice. His work was spot on price was reasonable he worked all day to get the job done as promised. We will be calling him again soon for more work to be done. We highly recommend Ledger Electrical!!”


Why are upgrades important?

Your switchboard is made up of many different circuits, all of which are controlled by safety switches, circuit breakers or fuses. If your switchboard is old and still uses the porcelain fuses or circuit breakers, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your switchboard as the old switchboards are becoming a massive safety concern in recent years.


When people think about home security, most are concerned with windows and doors. What will happen if someone threatens you in your house? Fire risk is easily forgotten as the electrical components are often hidden under the walls and cupboards.


You should be aware that there is danger from faulty electricity and gas wiring in your house and in your home. Safety switches are sometimes overlooked despite being a vital electrical appliance at home or at the office. An electrical fault can cause severe damage while leaving you without power.

How much does it typically cost to upgrade?

Sometimes Asbestos can be present in the materials used for your switchboard. In this case we require specialist treatment and removal.

What do they look like?

Safety switches often get confused with circuit breaker however they are not the same. A test “T” button will be on a safety switch.


Circuit breakers are intended to safeguard your home’s electrical wiring and appliances from overload or short-circuit damage. They will not protect you from being electrocuted.


If your Gold Coast rental property does not already have a safety switch, you must install one in accordance with Queensland law. This is so that all residents of a home are protected from electric shock and electrical fires and meet current standards.


If your rental home does not have a safety switch, you must contact a licensed electrician and have one installed as soon as possible to comply with QLD legislation.